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My daughter has been taking tennis lessons from Harlan for about 3 years. He is a successful motivator even with my her sometimes difficult attitude and lack of motivation. He does this through enthusiasm for the activity and not through heavy handedness. He is a light hearted individual and his students love him, he makes this activity fun for the kids. I have seen amazing results with my daughter over these 3 years. While she was not particularly enthusiastic about any sports activity, I have seen her evolve from having little to no interest and skills, to one in which her techniques are becoming very strong.

I can also speak of his coaching skills from my own personal perspective. I, personally, have played Tennis for years but haven't played much in the last 15 years. By taking the last 15 minutes of my daughter’s lesson over these 3 years, I have seen a significant improvement in my own game.


— Dave Bryant

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